Why Pamplaa

Our jeans are made from organic denim. It is true denim as it is made and manufactured on old-school machines called jhugi machine and kali machine.

This denim is special because it is rare and expensive, because it cannot be mass-produced, and because each yard of denim is a unique piece of wearable in all climate and temperature

Pamplaa denim is a Indian jeans brand of Basic and Beyond eshopping Pvt. Ltd.This brand is exclusively designed for pure authentic denims. The most comfortable and stylish yet the classic denims. A medium range denim affordable to every class. Pamplaa denim is one of its kind of clothing brand directed towards making comfortable jeans for both men and women. It is a brand that believes in building relation with the customers and striving to achieve such a bond. Pamplaa denim offers a wide range of denims, in casual wear, Regular Wear and semi formal wear.

We love organic denim for many reasons, but our favorite reason is how beautifully it will fade and give you natural funky colours. Just wear your jeans for as long as you can without washing them, and soon you will have a beautiful and personalized faded pair of jeans.

Our denim mill employs the more fascinating method of yarn dyeing , and the process is repeated up to many times! This process is more time consuming and more expensive, but the color and texture achieved is much more beautiful.
As you wear your jeans for a few months and create folds and creases in the fabric, dark colour will start to break away and the beautiful white center will be revealed for a higher contrast and more impressive fade!

How should jeans be cared

The first rule in caring for your jeans is that there are no rules. The whole fun of denim is that you, the end consumer, have the power to do whatever you want! There is no right and wrong, simply different choices and preferences.